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Geometric shapes These decorative magnetic glass boards come in geometric shapes and matching pastel shades, perfect for combining on the wall. Ideal for attaching notes, business cards and photos in the office or at home. Go to the products  
6,5 x 55 cm Classy and functional: that sums up the new magnetic glass strip. The contemporary, slim mini format fits in almost anywhere. It makes a striking impression, whether mounted alone or in combination with other boards. The magnetic glass boards come in red, black and white, and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape format. Go to the products  
12 x 78 cm The smallest artverum® Magnetic Glass Board comes in 7 different contemporary colours. The boards make a stylish statement even in the smallest rooms, as well as being perfect aids to organisation: use as a classy board for notes and brief messages, or as a pinboard for tickets and maps. Go to the products  
30 x 30 cm Squares are very popular for interior decor. They are stylish accent pieces, whether mounted singly or in a group. The small, contemporary format fits even into compact spaces. The 30 x 30 cm format is available in red, white and black. Go to the products  
48 x 48 cm The modern, square magnetic glass boards allow plenty of scope for individual style. They are available in a variety of trendsetting colours and designs. Mounted singly or in combination with other boards, the artverum® Magnetic Glass Boards always add a stylish touch to any working or living space. Go to the products  
60 x 40 cm The simple, linear shape and the polished tempered glass turn each artverum® board into a genuine designer piece for the wall. The boards are not just an attractive accessory, but are also quite ingenious when it comes to presentation and function. Go to the products  
78 x 48 cm The magnetic glass board in the 78 x 48 format is ideal as a presentation board, a magnetic notice board for meetings or as a classy organiser in the office or at home. In a choice of black or white, this board will attract plenty of attention. Go to the products  
91 x 46 cm The artverum® Magnetic Glass Boards in the unusual wide-screen format make a modern statement in red, black or white. Add an urban touch to the room with the slate or fairfaced concrete designs. Go to the products  
100 x 65 cm The artverum® Magnetic Glass Boards in the 100 x 65 cm format are predestined for use in offices of all kinds. Ideal as a presentation board, a magnetic notice board for meetings and conferences, or as a classy organiser in the company or home office, the boards make a striking impression as well as being practical aids to organisation. This format is available in a choice of black or white. Go to the products  
100 x 100 cm Squares are very popular in the field of interior design. This large square is ideal as a magnetic pinboard for notes, cards, plans and much more besides. The stylish artverum® 100 x 100 cm format comes in black, white or red. Go to the products  
120 x 90 cm High-quality design plays an important role in office and conference room interiors. This contemporary large format, 120 x 90 cm, provides an extra-large presentation surface with plenty of space for your ideas and creations to flow freely. The timelessly attractive boards for planning and organisation are available in white or black. Go to the products  
130 x 55 cm Extra-large widescreen formats are as popular as ever. The magnetic glass boards in this trendsetting format make a contemporary, sophisticated statement in any living or working space. This format comes in red, black and white, as well as in the stylish Go to the products  
150 x 100 cm The beautifully designed, white magnetic board in the 150 x 100 cm format provides an extra-large surface for presentation and planning. The board will make a striking impression in any meeting or conference room, whether mounted in portrait or landscape format. Like all artverum® Magnetic Glass Boards, it is both magnetic and can be written on. Go to the products  
180 x 120 cm This large, stylish board for planning and organisation in the 180 x 120 cm format is a beautifully designed, elegant alternative to a standard whiteboard. The contemporary white magnetic glass board with its extra-large surface is ideal for meeting rooms, offices and conference rooms. Perfect for use during presentations, strategy meetings, brainstorming sessions and as an aid to moderation during seminars and meetings. Go to the products  
projection Magnetic glass boards with a projection screen function are a real innovation. With artverum® projection, Sigel provides three functions in one: the glass boards are magnetic, can be written on and also used as a projection screen. The special surface means that films and presentations can be projected onto the board in good image quality with excellent contrast. In addition to this, the attractive, satin glass surface makes a bold statement on the wall. The boards with projection screen function are available in 160 x 120 cm (4:3 format) and 196 x 110 cm (16:9 format). Go to the products  
Memo & Planer The artverum® Memo Board in the 20 x 80 cm format puts the spotlight on brief notes, reminders, key words or appointments – everything at a glance.

The artverum® Weekly Planner in the 40 x 50 cm format deals with the mundane details, giving you space for creativity. The Weekly Planner guarantees a clear overview of the important appointments in the week ahead.
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There is an extensive range of accessories to go with the beautifully designed artverum® Magnetic Glass Boards. Attractive, minimalist SuperDym cube magnets unite classy design and maximum holding force. They come in a choice of “extra strong”, “super strong” or “ultra strong”.

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Chalk- & Board Marker The marker writes with opaque liquid chalk and is suitable for use on smooth glass and sealed surfaces. The water-based chalk can be wiped off with a damp or dry cloth. Go to the products  

The chalk markers are available with a line width of 1-5 mm or 5-15 mm. They come in a range of colours from classic black or white to cheery accent colours: pink, green, blue and yellow. The pens are part of the range of accessories that also includes the pen tray made of high-quality, clear acrylic, the practical Delta microfibre cloth and the board eraser. The magnetic eraser removes chalk quickly and easily, and attaches to the board as if by magic.

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