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casualstyle felt desk pad and mouse pad. Contemporary. Functional. On trend.

A pleasant surface feel, a sense of well-being, and space for an individual touch: your desk is not just a place to originate ideas and tick off your daily to-do list, but it should also make you feel at ease. The felt desk pads and mouse pad in the casualstyle collection add a stylish, personal touch to any desk due to their trendsetting felt surface. These desk pads and mouse pad are a must-have for anyone who loves the contemporary feel of felt.

High-quality felt, superb material

The casualstyle collection comprises desk pads in a choice of two sizes and a mouse pad. You can combine the products or simply use one of them as an accent piece for your desk. The products are made of high-quality synthetic felt and are extremely durable. The special material creates a warm, feel-good atmosphere in your working space. The non-slip coating on the back of the desk pads and mouse pad prevent them from sliding around while in use.
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