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CONCEPTUM® - design pure and simple for your notes

CONCEPTUM® notebooks, notepads and journals have a style of their own and are the winners of several international design awards. Superb workmanship, where the quality can be seen and felt, plus practical features. This combination of perfect design and many intelligent functions is what makes CONCEPTUM® stand out from the rest. Your senses will be working overtime to take in all the details. Send your eyes, mind and fingertips on a voyage full of impressions. Discover CONCEPTUM®: design pure and simple, down to the last detail.

CONCEPTUM®: multiple award-winner

CONCEPTUM® notebooks, notepads and journals unite superb design and outstanding quality with a high level of functionality. CONCEPTUM® has already received several renowned awards for its exclusive design. Go to the awards
CONCEPTUM® Notizbuch Design

CONCEPTUM® — clarity from start to finish

The CONCEPTUM® Pure range stands for clarity from start to finish. For elegant, contemporary notebooks, journals and notepads, reduced to the essentials when it comes to appearance. The notebooks in the Pure range are available in a choice of hardcover or softcover. With its unusual "Softwave" surface, the exclusive nature of the hardcover version can be both seen and felt. Elegant and clear in black, or in a choice of colours. With softcover, the concept is flexibility. The surface is supple and pleasant to the touch. Perfect design, excellent quality and many intelligent features - this combination has it all, making the books a stylish, elegant place to jot down your thoughts. Go to the Pure range
The CONCEPTUM® Look range stands for striking aesthetics. The notebooks are bound to impress, being lifestyle accessories with high-quality, contemporary covers. CONCEPTUM® Look

CONCEPTUM® – Elegant, modern and reduced to the essentials.

That’s the CONCEPTUM® Pure range, where international award-winning design meets a passion for detail. Classy books with the unusual “Softwave” surface – see and feel that they are one of a kind. Carefully selected materials and top quality combine with absolute elegance to become your stylish companion throughout the day.

A unique feel – CONCEPTUM® hardcover with the unusual “Softwave” surface.

Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® hardcover schwarz
Feel the difference: the fascinating surface will send your fingertips on a voyage full of impressions. Choose from A6, A5 or A4.
CONCEPTUM® Pure black
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® hardcover Colour
CONCEPTUM® Notebooks are stylish companions, both in business environments and in the private sphere. In classic, discreet black or brown, or in brilliant colours such as pink, green or turquoise … it is the unusual “Softwave” surface that makes them so special. It is not without reason that the CONCEPTUM® collection has won several international design awards.
CONCEPTUM® Pure colour

CONCEPTUM® hardcover in the A4+ format

Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® A+ Format
CONCEPTUM® hardcover Notebooks in black now come in A4+. This new format provides plenty of space for your notes and thoughts. It is also perfect for inserting and filing documents. There is room for papers and documents up to A4 in size in the quick pocket or archive pocket. The practical archive pocket comes with two integrated card slots.
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The magnetic fastener – elegant and functional

Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Magnetverschluss
The classy CONCEPTUM® Notebooks with the exclusive “Softwave” surface now also come with an attractive, practical magnetic fastener. This means that slips of paper, business cards, tickets and other loose papers cannot fall out of the book. The pen loop inside the cover holds a pen or pencil securely in place. The notebooks with the high-quality magnetic fastener are available in a choice of four formats: A4, A4+, A5 and A6.
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Pliant and flexible – CONCEPTUM® softcover.

Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® softcover
Fans of the “Softwave” surface will definitely get their money’s worth with our softcover notebooks. What’s more, the cover in the classy leather look is also flexible and supple. The CONCEPTUM® softcover books are designed to impress with covers in white, black or red, or a choice of contemporary business colours, in formats A6 to A4.
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Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Serie Look

CONCEPTUM® Look - Notebooks with special aesthetic appeal.

Notebooks in the CONCEPTUM® LOOK range are bound to impress as lifestyle accessories with a unique design. They come with stylish surface finishes and high-quality cover prints using embossing or made of unusual materials. Aesthetics that can be seen and felt.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Kollektion Filz
An experience for the senses with a natural charm all of its own.

Experience the fascination of felt: this appealing, soft material is fitted snugly around our notebooks. The effect is incredibly warm, simple and sensuous. Which one would you go for – the A5 or A6 format? In a classy shade of grey or a choice of rich colours?

CONCEPTUM® collection Felt
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Kollektion Flow
Understated, dynamic, sporty

Embossing and spot varnishing on a matt, anthracite-coloured background give these notebooks their unusual surface feel. Shimmering squares show fascinating hints of accent colours, in perfect keeping with the popular metallic trend.

CONCEPTUM® collection Flow
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Kollektion Vintage
Velvety, with contrasting colours and a clear design language

The CONCEPTUM® Vintage collection in the contemporary used leather look is a classy, stylish everyday companion. Thanks to the velvety soft-touch coating, not only do the covers look like genuine leather, they also feel convincingly real.

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Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Kollektion Drive
An elegant, sporty design statement

There is a hint of casual elegance to the contemporary design of the Drive notebook collection, created by the spot varnishing, neon accents and occasional patches of embossing. The Drive collection is available in A5 and A6 with lined page ruling.

Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Kollektion Sphere
The perfect balance of clear lines

For a light, airy feel, choose one of the notebooks from the CONCEPTUM® Sphere collection. Gently curving, pastel lines decorate the covers of this appealing collection. A concealed magnetic fastener adds a classy touch to the clear lines and elegant design.

CONCEPTUM® collection Sphere
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Kollektionen in Überblick
The collections

The CONCEPTUM® Look series is bound to impress with all of its attractive, luxurious collections. The notebooks are absolutely captivating lifestyle accessories that underline their owner’s personality.

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CONCEPTUM® - winner of many international awards.

CONCEPTUM® Notebooks unite superb design, outstanding quality and a high level of functionality. This is borne out by the numerous international awards they have won, such as the reddot Design Award and the German Design Award.

iF Design Award 2017 CONCEPTUM®
iF Design Award 2017

In 2017, CONCEPTUM® is launching a completely new product category: the popular brand is being expanded to include classy notepads, journals and spiral notepads. The iF Design Award is the ninth award for CONCEPTUM®. In recent years, this product group has also received the “German Design Award” and the “reddot design award”, to name just two examples.

German Design Award 2017 Special Mention Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
German Design Award - Nominee 2017

For the fifth time in a row, the CONCEPTUM® notebooks and planners impressed the judges of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD. The CONCEPTUM® notebooks and planners received a nomination in the “Books & Calendars” category. Once again, this shows that the black hardcover books with the popular “Softwave” surface are well-received. The winners here were the notebook in the practical tablet format, the 18-month planner and the weekly planner with a vertical layout. The Colour collection of hardcover planners for 2017 with their fresh colours and metallic finish was also proud to be distinguished as a “Nominee”. In addition to this, the jury chose the new softcover notebooks and planners for 2017 for an award. These books have recently become available with the classy “Softwave” surface in elegant business tones.

German Design Award 2016 Special Mention Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
German Design Award 2016 – Special Mention

The products from the CONCEPTUM® Pure range that caught the jury’s attention were the “Glam” collection with its classy jewel colours, subtle metallic finish and elegant magnetic fastener, plus the current “Colour” range with its bright colours and muted business shades. In the Look range, the “Vintage” collection with its velvety used leather look, the elegant, sporty design of the “Drive” collection and the feminine “Touch” collection all scored high with the judges.

German Design Award 2015 Special Mention Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
German Design Award – Special Mention 2015

The classy CONCEPTUM® Notebooks with the magnetic fastener have already impressed the 2014 “red dot” jury, and now they have also made their mark at the German Design Award 2015. The “Special Mention” is a particular distinction for the CONCEPTUM® Notebooks with the magnetic fastener and a reward for outstanding design quality. With their simple yet elegant “Softwave” surface combined with a classy magnetic fastener, the books are available in four different formats, including the striking extra-large A4+. The notebooks come fully equipped with all of the CONCEPTUM® features, practical down to the last detail. The experts on the jury were certainly won over.

Reddot Award 2014 Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
reddot award 2014

CONCEPTUM® Notebooks and Planners have already got a large number of awards to their name. As well as the "German Design Award", they won the "red dot award" in 2011 and 2013. Now this product group has received its third "red dot award". The new CONCEPTUM® Notebooks come with an elegant magnetic fastener. Their extremely high-quality business look and the simple lined structure of the unusual "Softwave" surface are bound to impress. The jury agreed and gave the "red dot award 2014" to the notebooks with the magnetic fastener.

German Design Awards 2014 Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
German Design Award - Nominee 2014

The “Colour” collection in the CONCEPTUM® Notebook range also impressed the judges of the German Design Award 2014. The collection stole the show with its unique, tangible “Softwave” surface and its features that are practical down to the last detail, such as the pen loop, elastic fastener, page numbering, personal directory, perforated note pages to tear out and three filing compartments: the quick pocket, the archive pocket and the card slot. This is where beautiful aesthetics meet perfect function and the highest level of quality – which the expert jury recognised and awarded accordingly!

red dot design awards 2013 Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
reddot design award 2013

The "red dot design award" is an internationally recognised seal of quality for first-class design. This year, a large jury of experts awarded prizes for outstanding product design with emotional added value. The selection criteria included an aesthetically pleasing shape, intelligently designed innovation and a feel for the latest trends.

The red dot jury found that the new "Colour" design collection in the CONCEPTUM® Notebook range fulfil these criteria. Covers with the “Softwave” surface are available exclusively from Sigel. The unique surface feel and contemporary colours are what make these notebooks special.

German Design Award Nominee 2013 Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
German Design Award - Nominee 2013

CONCEPTUM® Look continue its triumphal procession. The latest addition to their collection of renowned design prizes is the “German Design Award 2013”.

The “Rat für Formgebung”, a centre of excellence for design in Stuttgart belonging to the German Design Council, rewards top international products that are setting the benchmark for the products of tomorrow. The jury considered various criteria such as design quality, level of innovation, brand value, functionality, ergonomics and ecological sustainability.

Once again, it was the CONCEPTUM® Look collection that stood out from the rest, this time with “Python” from the current design range.

reddot design award 2011 Notizbuch CONCEPTUM®
reddot design award 2011

CONCEPTUM® Look clearly impressed the judges in the office category. The high quality of the product and the numerous additional functions were pivotal factors in the judges' decision.

"As always, our jury examined the products submitted with an extremely critical eye. The exclusive design quality stood out clearly during the process of judging and the genuine, new creative solutions were rewarded," said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator of the "reddot Design Award".

Highest level of functionality, down to the last detail.

The practical extras appear consistently throughout the notebook. An elastic or magnetic fastener, pen loop, quick pocket and archive pocket, personal directory, two ribbon markers and page numbering allow the perfect organisation of all your notes and jottings. Numerous intelligent features and perfect design - it is this combination that makes CONCEPTUM® Notebooks stand out from the rest. Go to the notebooks
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Gummibandverschluss

Secure elastic fastener

The notebook is kept securely closed with the elastic fastener. It stops any loose papers inside the book, such as receipts, tickets and other slips of paper, from falling out. Nothing gets lost; instead, everything is on hand when needed.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Magnetverschluss

Magnetic fastener – functional and elegant

The CONCEPTUM® Pure series is available with a practical elastic fastener or an attractive, high-quality magnetic fastener. A pen or pencil is held securely inside the cover. The notebooks with the functional magnetic fastener come in all standard formats: A4+, A4, A5 and A6.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Stifteschlaufe

Pen loop to hold a pen or pencil

The pen loop on the side of the book is made of strong elastic and keeps a pen or pencil securely in place. No matter whether the preferred writing implement is a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen, a pencil or a felt-tip pen, it is always ready to use thanks to the practical pen loop, and cannot get lost when out and about.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Inhaltsverzeichnis

Personal directory

The personal directory is indispensible, enabling perfect organisation. Using practical cross-referencing, it couldn't be easier to find important entries in the book. Simply note down the topic and page number in the directory.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Quickpocket


The quick pocket can be found at the front of the notebook. It is ideal for the safekeeping of bills, receipts or tickets. These items can be found quickly when needed, and are otherwise neatly stored in the pocket.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Zeichenband

Ribbon markers indicate pages with important notes

CONCEPTUM® Notebooks come with two ribbon markers in two different colours. The ribbons are colour-coordinated with the notebook. They enable the user to find important information and entries quickly and easily.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Seitennummerierung

Page numbering allows you to find your notes quickly

Thanks to the practical page numbering, it is easy to find entries and important notes in your book. Along with the personal directory and ribbon markers, the page numbering guarantees more efficiency and good organisation.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Archivfach

Archive pocket with a practical card slot for slips of paper, business cards, etc.

The archive or folding pocket with its practical card slot can be found at the back of the notebook. The folding pocket collects loose scraps of paper, tickets and receipts, and keeps them safe. The integrated card slot means that business cards are always on hand.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Microperforation

Perforated pages at the back

There are perforated sheets at the back of every CONCEPTUM® Notebook, turning it into a note pad. Jot down important thoughts and tear out the page to pass them on to others.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Microperforation

Where softcover and hardcover come together

All notepads come with the tried and tested “Softwave” surface. With a flexible softcover front and hard-wearing hardcover back. The flexible material makes it easy to fold back the front cover.
Notizbuch CONCEPTUM® Microperforation

Durable double metal spiral

The double spiral binding is durable, sturdy and practical. The front cover of the spiral notepad folds back completely, making it pleasant to write on and work with.