Planners CONCEPTUM ®

CONCEPTUM® Planners: intelligent concept with a classy design

Is there anyone who has truly mastered the art of perfect organisation? But even in today's age of bits and bytes, handwritten notes and diary entries are and remain unique, valuable and individual. A CONCEPTUM® planner provides attractive, stylish safekeeping for all appointments and information, as the high-quality pocket planners in the CONCEPTUM® range have a special style all of their own. The planners are as individual as their owners, and highly functional at the same time.

CONCEPTUM® - award-winning design

CONCEPTUM® is a clear demonstration of design pure and simple, down to the last detail, and is the winner of many international design awards. Renowned competition judges, whether of the German Design Award or the red dot design award, all agreed on one thing: CONCEPTUM® is where award-winning design meets superb quality with many clever planner features.
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CONCEPTUM® Notizbuch Design

Planners with a style of their own

With the planners from the CONCEPTUM® range, all eyes will be on you and your stylish method of appointment management. The planners for 2018 from the Pure range, in discreet business black and a choice of muted colours, fit the bill perfectly. The unusual, classy "Softwave" cover is of top quality, as is the tried and tested, stiff hardcover. Likewise, the pocket planners and planner notebooks with the flexible black softcover show themselves to their best advantage. The design of the planners in the Pure range stands for clarity from start to finish, and is reduced to the essentials when it comes to appearance.
Overview of the CONCEPTUM® "Pure" pocket planners

The Look range of planners stands for aesthetics of a special kind. For 2018, the popular Vintage version will be available in a choice of brown or grey. The elastic fastener in contrasting red is an attractive detail.
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CONCEPTUM® "Pure" Planners - design pure and simple for your scheduling

The "Pure" planners are reduced to the essentials. Their most striking feature is the classy, contemporary "Softwave" surface. CONCEPTUM® has won several international design awards and offers both superb workmanship and unbeatable functionality. The outstanding look and surface feel of these pocket planners come from the high-quality cover: design that can both be seen and felt.

Planner Book with unique "Softwave" surface

Schwarzer Conceptum Kalender 2018 der Serie Pure mit Softwave-Oberfläche

Clarity from start to finish

These appointment books come in muted, classic business black. The combination of surface, material and colour creates the impression of effortless simplicity, making a clear statement of elegance and exclusiveness. The planners meet the highest standards of style and convenience. Both their aesthetically appealing cover and their high level of functionality are bound to impress. The classic book with the timeless black hardcover comes in three planner versions: as a daily or weekly planner, or weekly planner and notes, in a choice of A5 or A6.
Pocket planners "Pure" black
Conceptum Kalender 2018 der Serie Pure in Businessfarben

Muted colours for business professionals

The weekly planners for 2018 are available in attractive muted colours such as mint, blue, grey, taupe and red. Perfect year-round companions, the weekly planners cut a dash in any meeting.
Pocket planners "Pure" colour

Get a good grip on the new flexible softcover

Conceptum Kalender 2018 der Serie Pure mit Softcover
The grooved “Softwave” surface is now also used for flexible covers. Fans of softcover books will particularly enjoy the special surface feel. What’s more, the tried and tested CONCEPTUM® features, including the archive pocket, quick pocket and two ribbon markers, remain unchanged. The softcover is available as a daily or weekly planner, or weekly planner and notes in black, and as a weekly planner in a choice of light grey, dark grey, dark blue and red.
Pocket planners "Pure" softcover
Conceptum Kalender - Awards und Auszeichnungen

CONCEPTUM® - winner of many international design awards

Good design is an integral part of the CONCEPTUM® brand. The instinct for creating something special, top workmanship and unbeatable functionality all give CONCEPTUM® its unmistakable identity. The product design combines aesthetics with functionality, merging style and innovation. Numerous international design awards, such as the "red dot award" and the "German Design Award" confirm the passion and high standards with which our designers approach their work. After all, the "red dot award" and the "German Design Award" are two of the most renowned German design awards.

The "red dot" product design competition was first held in 1954. The "red dot" award is recognised throughout the world as a seal of quality and is awarded for degree of innovation, functionality and quality. CONCEPTUM® has already received several "red dot awards".

The goal of the "German Design Award" is to discover, present and reward unique design trends. It is a competition that CONCEPTUM® enters with confidence. The "German Design Award" means design expertise at the highest level.

Highest level of functionality, down to the last detail

The CONCEPTUM® pocket planners are bound to impress, and not only because of their unique design, stylish cover finishes and unusual use of materials. As well as this, they come with numerous popular features that allow perfect organisation throughout the whole year. Go to the planners

Kalender CONCEPTUM® Stifteschlaufe

Pen loop holds your writing implement securely

The pen loop at the side of the book, made of strong elastic, holds your writing implement securely in place. Whether a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, pencil or felt tip pen, the writing implement is always on hand and held securely in place by the practical pen loop when you are out and about.
Kalender CONCEPTUM® Magnetverschluss

Magnetic fastener – elegant and practical

Planners with a magnetic fastener make an elegant, exclusive impression. The writing implement is fixed securely in place and is well protected.
Kalender CONCEPTUM® Zeichenband

Ribbon markers to find important appointments

CONCEPTUM® planners have two ribbon markers in two different colours that match the colour scheme of the book. It is simplicity itself to find important appointments and entries quickly when needed.
Kalender CONCEPTUM® Microperforation

Perforated pages at the back

At the back of each CONCEPTUM® planner, there are perforated note pages, giving the planner a notepad function. Important thoughts can be jotted down and passed on by tearing out the page in question.
Kalender CONCEPTUM® Archivfach

Archive pocket with practical card slot for loose sheets, business cards etc

The archive or folding pocket with its practical card slot can be found at the back of the pocket planner. The archive pocket collects loose sheets of paper, tickets and receipts, and keeps them neatly stored. Business cards and other cards are always on hand when kept in the integrated card slot.
Kalender CONCEPTUM® Quickpocket


The practical quick pocket can be found on the inside of the front cover. It is ideal for storing bills, receipts or tickets. These documents are instantly on hand when needed, but can be tidied away again just as quickly.
Kalender CONCEPTUM® Infoseiten

Information section

There is some information that it's always useful to have on hand: a 2-year planner, monthly planner with integrated moon phases and public holidays, school holidays (D/A/CH/F/I). Then there are international dialling codes, country codes, internet codes, units of measurement, temperature conversion charts, emergency numbers, the spelling alphabet and a map of international time zones. All of these can be found in CONCEPTUM® planners.
Pagemarker CONCEPTUM®

The useful CONCEPTUM® Accessoires

The CONCEPTUM® PageMarkers enable you to highlight urgent appointments or find important notes at a glance. You will be prepared for daily challenges and easily master all your appointments and tasks. The PageMarkers are made of sturdy film and come with solvent-free adhesive.
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Adressheft CONCEPTUM®

The perfect addition: the CONCEPTUM® address book

Clever - for anyone who wants to have their list of addresses with them wherever they go, the address book is the perfect addition to any CONCEPTUM® planner or notebook. Simply purchase separately from Sigel as and when required.

The address book is simple to slip into the archive pocket, so that important contacts are always on hand when you are out and about. When you buy a new planner at the beginning of the year, simply insert the address book into the new one. The address book is available in 78 x 128 mm and 110 x 188 mm and comes equipped with a practical A-Z index.

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Types and versions of the planner

CONCEPTUM® planners are designed to impress, coming as they do in a wide variety of versions and formats. There are daily and weekly planners, weekly planners and notes, monthly planner notebooks and desktop planners.

Daily planners have all the space you need to cope with the constant flood of appointments and tasks many of us are faced with. A weekly planner (for 12 or 18 months) allows you to keep tabs on all of your appointments and optimize your time management. If you need a lot of extra space for notes, the practical weekly planner and notes version is the ideal choice. The weekly planner with the vertical layout is perfect for entering reservations and appointments in catering establishments, hairdressers’ or doctors’ surgeries. The vertical columns provide a clear overview of the various entries, every day and for the whole week. The monthly planner notebook is compact and handy at the same time. Each month is displayed on a double page, making it the ideal supplement to an ordinary notebook. The planner notebook is both lightweight and stylish. Go to the planners

DAILY PLANNER // A whole page for each day

Headings in
4 languages
Month and day
(English / German / French / Italian)

Plenty of space
for additional notes

Hourly appointments
for perfect organisation

The current
calendar week
at a glance

One-month calendar
on each double page
in the A5 version

WEEKLY PLANNER HORIZONTAL // A double page for each week

Headings in
4 languages
Month and day

The current
calendar week
at a glance

1/3 of a page for every day
- for perfect organisation

Weekend plans
at a glance on
1/3 of a page



DESKTOP PLANNER // Weekly Planner Version

WEEKLY PLANNER AND NOTES // Each week on one page

Headings in
4 languages
Month and day

See weekend plans
at a glance

The whole week
is clearly organised

The current
calendar week
at a glance

A whole page just for
notes - every week