Photo Papers


Find the perfect base for your pictures.

Brilliant colour reproduction

Highest resolution

Precise contour sharpness

Dries extremely fast

Photo paper for inkjet printers

Ultra Photo-Papier Top Photo-Papier Everyday Photo-Papier
Photo paper Ultra Photo paper Top Photo paper Everyday
Quality For professional, laboratory-quality photos Top-quality photos that meet the highest standards Excellent photo quality for everyday use
Fields of application Ideal for high-quality photography, such as portraits, close-ups and landscape shots

Impressive, first-class photos with strong colours, deep shades of black and natural skin tones
Perfect for the duplication, enlargement and sharing of expressive photos

For the frequent printing of top-quality photos
The ideal solution for spontaneous photo shoots of all kinds

For private use or business documents<<br/>
Perfect for printing large quantities of photos
Instantly dry and
completely smudge-proof
Super picture quality
Pin-sharp details
Brilliant colour intensity
High UV and light resistance
Resolution of up to 9600 dpi 9600 dpi 5760 dpi
Product overview Photo paper UltraPhoto paper Ultra Photo paper TopPhoto paper Top Photo paper EverydayPhoto paper Everyday

Special Photo Paper for your colour laser printer

Photo paper Laser glossy Photo paper Laser satin
Photo paper Laser glossy Photo paper Laser satin
Quality glossy satin
  • Perfect solution for high-quality prints of photos, graphics and text
  • Special coating for outstanding colour and image reproduction
  • Ultra-smooth surface and brilliant whiteness for superb detail
  • High performance paper with excellent toner adhesion
  • The paper’s running performance and perfect smoothness minimise wear and tear on the machine
  • Suitable for all standard colour laser printers and copiers
Product overview Photo paper LaserPhoto paper Laser

All photo papers at a glance.

As a gift or for decoration.

Software for individual picture editing.