Thermal Papers for mobile Printers

Printing on the go – thermal papers by Sigel

Efficiency, flexibility and mobility are particularly important for employees who work away from the office. A wide range of jobs, from sales representatives and haulage drivers to tradespeople and the emergency services, need to make print-outs while on the road. Documents such as bills of delivery, orders or reports are quick and simple to generate on site. It’s the kind of efficiency no employer should be without.

Sigel’s thermal paper for the Brother PJ printer series combines these advantages:

• Premium paper quality from Sigel, the paper specialists
• Archivable for 12 years when handled and stored correctly
• Environmentally friendly thanks to the FSC® certification
• Clean perforations make it simple to separate the sheets
• Print control stamps ensure accurate printing

Thermal paper – roll

Compact, practical, ready to use: this roll of quality top-coated thermal paper is suitable for mobile printers in the Brother PJ series. It could not be simpler to execute print jobs when on the road. There is a print control stamp on the non-printable side of the thermal paper. Each roll consists of 100 A4 sheets. Although the pages are stored on a roll, the individual sheets lie flat when separated.
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Thermal paper – fanfold

The top-coated premium fanfold thermal paper is also ready to use whenever required. Each box contains 250 A4 sheets. The print control stamp shows which side of the paper cannot be printed on, so no paper is wasted. The perforations allow the fast, clean separation of the individual sheets.
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Thermal paper – single sheet

Like the other versions, the single sheet top-coated thermal paper is flexible and uncomplicated to use. Single sheets are practical to have on hand for people who only occasionally need to use a mobile printer. Each box contains 250 A4 sheets. This version also comes with a print control stamp to show which side of the paper cannot be printed on. Wasting paper is a thing of the past. The perforations allow the fast, clean separation of the sheets.
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Customized thermal paper made by Sigel, the paper specialists

If you require customized thermal paper, the Sigel Printworks division will provide a professional solution. The thermal paper can be tailored to your individual needs. Visit the Sigel Printworks page for your own personal offer from Sigel, the paper specialists.
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