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Marcos de cuadros bold The wide deep-profile picture frames are a designer statement and stylish feature in one. They ensure that pictures and art prints make a striking impression. The linear design of this unusually deep frame profile is prestigious and classy. Made of brushed aluminium, it is both timeless and contemporary. Ir a los productos  
Marcos de cuadros slim It is the delicately, beautifully shaped design that makes the narrow deep-profile picture frames so appealing. The high-quality brushed aluminium gives the frames their contemporary appearance and adds a minimalist art-gallery feel to any room. Ir a los productos  
Sistema de suspensión For an elegant, interesting way to hang frames and add a gallery-style flair, use these discreet picture rails with the compatible mounting set. Pictures can be grouped together far more flexibly by hanging them at different heights and distances from each other. Exchanging the pictures in the frames couldn’t be simpler. The picture rails are available in classic white or contemporary silver. Ir a los productos  
Estante decoración Discover the new way to present pictures. The gallery picture ledge is a particularly decorative and flexible way to display pictures. The board is made of high-quality, shiny transparent acrylic glass with an appealing linear design. It has a high weight-bearing capacity and is extremely versatile. It is ideal as a shelf for ornaments such as figurines, postcards, small vases and much more besides. Ir a los productos