Carte per stampanti e copiatrici

Prodotti Carte per stampanti e copiatrici
Carte per stampanti a getto d'inchiostro Presenting the specialised all-round talents among the Sigel inkjet papers. The very special surface with its high quality coating ensures brilliant colour reproduction. This paper provides the perfect background for all graphics, pictures and texts. Vai ai prodotti  
Carte per stampanti laser If effectiveness and perfect print results are important to you, then the Sigel Colour Laser and Colour Copier Papers are ideal. Superb toner adhesion, excellent running properties and high UV resistance, producing prints that are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. Vai ai prodotti  
Carte multiuso Sigel Office Papers are multipurpose inkjet, laser and copier papers for a wide variety of applications, such as correspondence, reports and transcripts. The clear, pin-sharp results on high white paper are rich in contrast, and are also perfect for colour presentations and graphics. Vai ai prodotti  
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